Sunday, October 21, 2012

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

My breasts are like pets. Everyone likes them, but you're the only one who has to take care of them.SARK

Ok, yes, this photograph was taken over 25 years ago. I only weighed about 120 pounds and was built like a brick shithouse just look at my titts. I inherited them from my mother’s side of the family and like all blessings they come with a curse; unwelcome stares from men when I was too young to understand why, unwanted saggage from gravity, forced to wear ugly bras, back problems, etc. How I envied those tea cup breasts with their cute little turquoise bras and matching panties. Later I came to understand the leverage I had with my assets. Men are so fun to tease with just a little cleavage and perfume. I never danced topless (for money) but with these babies I'd have made a fortune. No false silicone breast implants for me these jugs are the real deal double DD. They have nursed and comforted four of my children and as an added bonus people love to hug me.

 Let’s have some fun and think of all the pet names we have for our breasts; mammarys, honkers, hooters, bazooms, headlights, boobs, knockers, the pointer sisters, jugs, melons, rack, ta-ta's, the twins, and fun bags. I've literally heard them all.

My little sister Patty had the funny luck of having two different sizes, she said for variety. On Dr. OZ a woman had 15 nipples! Last week Patty found a lump on her right breast. The doc says a biposy is not indicated at this time, but she must do a self breast exam religiously every week.

So here is a reminder to all women big or small, pert or saggy, enhanced or natural. Take care of your assets, do a self breast exam more often. Take a moment to be grateful for our Breasts and bless all the women we know who have both lost and won battle with breast cancer.


Much Love xoxoxoxoxo

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