Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Candle, Red Roses a Chinese Bust and What's in a Name?

Candle, Red Roses and a Chinese Bust
Relics of My Life
Judith Abagail Nichols****Vars
What's in a name? My name carries with 5 generations of great-----grandmothers, all named Judith. Thanks to dedicated members of my family who have religiously traced our family tree back in time to Adam and Eve. Late one night I traced my lineage to Old King Cole the first King of England!
My name is from the paternal side of the family tree. In every generation the first born girl was named Judith after her mother, this lineage goes back to the first Judith.
Judith Abagail Fricke.
Middlesex, England
I was the first born girl of my generation and I was granted the name Judith Ann Nichols.
Because I have every right to change my name I legally changed my middle name Abagail.
There have been times when I went by Judith instead of Judy sometimes people call me Jude
I like that.