Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Secret

The Secret
original oil
Judy Vars
16 x 20

Nighttime in my secret garden is not for the faint of heart, but for those brave souls who dare to walk down the moonlit path there are spirits to meet and greet.

One particular night in an old and forgotten cemetery, I took a midnight stroll around the graveyard reading the epitaphs of the long forgotten. When goose bumps raise the hairs on my neck and I can taste copper in my throat alerting me that I am not alone. In the mist I see a beautiful young angel backlit by the moon; a Raven is perched on her shoulder. My mind and body is paralyzed by fear. Then the raven spoke to me in his native tongue - a language that I somehow understood.
The Raven said to me:
Wise men understand that what the physical eye sees is not necessarily the truth.
I am the harbinger of messages from the cosmos. Nestled in my wings black as midnight I bring messages that are beyond space and time. Listen with the heart so that you might hear the message waiting for you.
So I listen:
The Raven expounds of life, love, harmony, sacredness, balance, and the great mystery, he went on for what seemed like hours, as I listen and vow to myself to remember every word. Soon the spell is lifted and I am released from my paralysis.  As the Raven finishes up its diatribe I find my voice and say:  “Mister Raven, if it is not asking too much, please carry my love to the others.”

After awhile my mind catches up with this otherworldly scene and I realize it is just a granite angel and a common raven.
Besides,  I rationalize, who would believe my story anyway.

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Greg said...

I'd believe it