Monday, October 21, 2013

The Haunted Fairview Inn - Talkeetna, Alaska

The Smoking Room at the Fairview Inn
Talkeetna, Alaska
Original Oil
Talkeetna's Fairview Inn was built in 1923, President Harding stayed there with his mistress and then died shortly thereafter it is no secret it is a very haunted place!  Last weekend I went there with a couple of friends after a long day of meetings and fellowship with the women some of us decided to go to the Fairview Inn. We strolled in to the loud music and hang with the denizens of Talkeetna.  I asked the bartender for a cold near-beer and asked, is this place is haunted? she said; of course it is haunted!

I sarcastically joked, you should have the Ghost Hunters (a television show on the Travel Channel) come for a lock down and they can set up the night vision cameras, ghost recorder, and yell at them all night. She just laughed sardonically and kept busy with the other bar patrons.

Being the curious cat that I am, I wandered upstairs to explore the hotel part of the Fairview Inn.
At the end of a narrow hallway he door was open to a quaint sparsely furnished room, It felt weirdly like I had been there before or seen it in a dream a small old black and white television was on and oddly playing a 1930's Laurel and Hardy movie. When suddenly the room got much colder and goose bumps rose on my arms and my hair began to stand on end like static electricity. My friend followed me up the steep stairway was standing frozen in the hallway flapping her hands, screeching and flipping out! She said she had never felt her hair stand on end like that before. With my camera in hand I got one picture of the room before the batteries completely drained. We ran out into the bar hysterically laughing and freaking out at the same time. In a crazy high voice that sounded to me like I was in shock,I said, "there is a ghost upstairs!!" and the bartender said; "Oh that's just Frank!" Oh-My-God lady you might have warned us! But then where is the fun in that?

For more ghost stories read this book - Ghosts of Talkeetna by Sarah J. Birdsall

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