Friday, October 25, 2013

Trumpeter Swan

Judy Vars
Encaustic Beeswax

This is a painting of the one of the trumpeter swans that stopped by my dock with their signets.  I got up close and personal with the whole flock they stop by every spring and summer for some bread and a photo opportunity. This one was posing for the camera and giving me cheesy smiles.
They do not make their nest on Beverly Lake because the loons drive them off, this is loon territory!

 In a few days they will be taking off to warmer southern climates. When they take off and fly it is a sight and sound to behold, it’s like a jumbo jet with their large bodies trying to gain enough air speed to fly, they flap and run across the water making a loud trumpeting sound until they are airborne. It’s totally awesome!

Winter is really breathing down our necks, yesterday it hailed which made the lake look like it was boiling there is a winter chill in the air. All too soon it will be frozen solid, the snow will be deep and I’ll be inside cozy by the fire.

Peace is with you dear readers.

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