Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday, April 20, 2015

My Rant or is Facebook the Definition of Addiction?

After this week ends drama with Facebook I am ready to pick up my crayons and leave the playhouse. When one friend who likes to say fuck lightheartedly posts an article about people who use the word "FUCK" are Hotter and Healthier. Another Facebook friend who has strong opinions about the word fuck and the people who uses "said" word posts a confrontational judgmental generalization of people who use the word fuck in comments. This started a tit for tat that got ridiculous. I was reading this banter saying WTF!@#
I stand up for the person who was rudely insulted for basically a joke and support the other person’s right to their opinion and their constitutional freedom of speech. In the end they are mature adults and worked it out themselves.

My granddaughter Rhaya TEXT Messaged me: What’s up grandma? I reply: Drama on Facebook. She replies: LOL Grandma you're addicted to Facebook!
Out of the mouth of babes! Yes Facebook tickles my need to connect, click and get instant satisfaction. I get annoyed with the right wingers Hillary and Obama bashing,  giggle at the cute kitties, love to see funny stuff, hate to see hateful stuff, shutter at the gross stuff.  I enjoy looking at your life events; your vacations, new born baby, fun events and I also see your personal struggles even death sometimes the sadness and grief is too much for me to bear it breaks my heart a little more, still I look.
I endeavor to respect everyone's right to be who they are unique individuals with their own point of view and life experiences.I pride myself on my diverse menagerie of friends from all over the world, liberals, conservatives, Communists, Mormons, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Pagans, Born Again, New Age, Buddhist, young, old, artists and missfits you are all my friends.

Don't misunderstand me I love me some Facebook.  
But there is such thing as too much sharing? I know I am guilty of this!  
I share my new mani-pedi, post my fancy Yuppie meal, share the ugly photos of my stitches, make vague comments to get people to engage with me, take a proud selfie of me on my new lawnmower, post some clever thing I am thinking the moment like "Some People Just Need to Lighten Up", or do my favorite thing scroll, LIKE and comment on all your posts until my pointer finger hurts.

I’m not sure if this post is going anywhere or who has the patience to read it.
I was just thinking about how many extra layers of skin I have had to grow over the years to be able to just deal with life on lifes terms and at the same time deal with my traits to be open minded, compassionate and empathic. I need some balance FRIENDS so it might be a good time to take a little break from Facebook and get back to my family, my blog and creating art. Hey if you see me lurking about on Facebook feel free to call me out or give me a call me my phone number is easy find.

One cute saying going around  Facebook:

Judy Vars

That’s all I have to say for now but here is a picture of a cute baby turtle just because.