Saturday, June 20, 2015

Liquid Sunshine

Liquid Sunshine
54 X 60
Original Oil
Judy Vars

 I've had this intimidating gigantic blank canvas on my wall for several years taunting me to paint something upon it. Ideas for a large scale painting came and went. I wanted to paint a big deep space nebula but this would have been my first one. Then came abstract painting ideas; I am not comfortable with abstracts so I watched tons of demonstrations on YouTube. Next I thought just make it easy with Rothko like painting: paint a red field with a yellow square in the middle (too easy I thought). How about a group of people engaged in some kind of activity, no, that would be way too hard. All this over thinking was getting in the way of just doing. So one sunny Sunday day I set up the canvas on the deck, squeezed out gobs of paint, and just went for it painting happy clouds.  Right then Bob Ross did a fly by and whispered in my ear: “paint some Happy Trees.”  I said to myself “yeah trees, all kinds of trees,” I don’t care if my trees live together in nature because this is my world, and I can do as I like.  So I painted trees: ornamental trees, Poplar trees, Aspen trees, Oak trees, Rain Forest Trees, pine trees and more.  As I was painting, the clouds started to gray and become heavy and then there was a deluge of rain and hail, so I painted that too.
This painting did not come without frustration, bugs, and things blowing in the wind that kept sticking to it, and I had to haul in and out of the house when it rained.
The joys of painting for me is the meditative contemplative act of doing it, things roll through my mind, like how beautiful the world is how the cycles of sunshine, clouds, and rain nourish us and I contemplate the nature of trees, which I love, I’m a tree hugger! I imagine trees as people should co-existing side by side in harmony and love.

Now after weeks of joy and frustration I have given birth to this masterpiece Liquid Sunshine and it is now ready to go out into the world find a home.  It would make an impressive statement piece for your home or office. Please call me with any questions you may have.