Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Marilyn Monroe RIP

Judy Vars

Marilyn Monroe

June 1st - August 5, 1962

The iconic Marilyn Monroe has fascinated my psyche since I was a little girl. As a budding teenager 
I watched her perform her song "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend" on my parents black and white TV the excitement she created kept me awake! I imagined myself like her a beautiful blonde sex goddess. Fifty four years after her passing she is still alive in our hearts and imagination. 
Enduring fame is the definition of immortality!

Just like Vincent Van Gogh who painted prolifically for just a decade, she was an actress for only 10 years. On June 1st of this year she will have turned 90.  If only we could have watched her grow old beautifully.

I queried my friends of FaceBook to see what they would name this painting, here are some of their responses; Resurrection, Addiction, Beautiful, Marilyn Macabre, PhenoBarbie, I Am What I Am, Nearly Dawn Getting Ready For the day, Indulgent Woman, She Lives, True Identity, Fleeting Beauty, Beauty is Transient, Beauty is only Skin Deep, Eye See You, Sweet Reality, Life and Death, My Fair Lady, Equalizer, Pamela, Scary Date, Wife of Trump, Beauty Inside and Out and Skin Deep. Veeeeery interesting this proves that people are different and everyone sees art differently Marilyn cannot be labeled.

Happiness is not anything I ever took for granted.
If I am going to be a symbol of something I'd rather it be sex. 
Marilyn Monroe