Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cross Road There is No Planet B

WE would love to see you at the opening reception where there will be a huge ice sculpture of a glacier which will be melting before your eyes, Lynda Enfante-Lyons and her partner Graham Dane super talented artists will be a part of this art installation with post cards to Alaska. Please try and come on one of these dates and see a very special art installation take part in poetry and a Q&A with Fran Ulmer about global warming.  Sandy Hill conceived this art installation to bring community attention to global warming and especially how it affects Alaska.
  Bless her heart she had been collecting hundreds of newspaper articles about climate change; scientific articles, political articles, actions to take, art and more. I was asked to create some artwork from these raw materials so I took the box home labeled Scientific Evidence, honestly I did not have any inspiration until last week then it came to me, this triptych is made from the newspaper articles and beeswax which the art is literally  melting. 

The science of global warming  and newspaper headlines does not offer much good news the scientific data is bleak and confusing.  I decided the best approach was to make an emotional appeal, temperatures are rising, weather is getting more unpredictable, sea levels are rising, out planet is getting hotter! 
First we need to stop being in denial and we need to stop now! Then we can address the issues we are at a Cross Road There is No Planet B!

 The Glaciers are Melting
 Tales of a Warmer Planet
 The Bad News! We're On Fire!