Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Dia De La Muertos Vanitas or the Enchanted Victorian Doll

It’s the Winter Solstice time of the year when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. This is the time when we love to celebrate Halloween and Dia de la Muertos. Things this time of year get a little hazy between the land of the living and the land of the dead. This brings me to my story. Early in October I went out to get my Halloween decorations and in the box was a Victorian Doll that I had never seen before. I put my uneasiness aside and just figured that I don’t remember getting this doll because my memory isn’t the best these days. Well as a wicked Halloween joke on my beloved Peter I moved her around the house a time or two but he didn’t seem to notice my prank so I stopped. Then the doll started to move about the house without my assistance, peeking around the corners, standing in my closet, hiding in the laundry and then one morning she appeared in my art studio! On my art table; I had a violin, a beautiful skull, some other odds and ends, and some lights I strung. That’s weird I thought, look what a lovely vanitas painting this could become. So I arranged the scene and began my painting. Oddly she did not move again until the painting was finished, I hope you love this enchanted vanitas painting that this little Victorian Doll Abagail inspired with her Halloween antics.

Dia De La Muertos Vanitas 
Judy Vars
Original Oil

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Modern Fayum Mummy Portrait by Judy Vars Wins Best of Show with Valley Fine Arts Association Juried Art Show

I will be showing some of my favorite artworks at the 
Bear Paw River Brewing Company
Artists Reception
4605 E. Palmer Wasilla Hwy
First Friday! July 6th 4-6 PM
The art will be there all month.
I will be sharing some of my favorite encaustic paintings (pigmented beeswax painted with fire). Bear Paw is a cool microbrewery with a friendly community vibe it's a great place to schmooze, have a cold brew and see art!

Judy Vars

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Cross Road There is No Planet B

WE would love to see you at the opening reception where there will be a huge ice sculpture of a glacier which will be melting before your eyes, Lynda Enfante-Lyons and her partner Graham Dane super talented artists will be a part of this art installation with post cards to Alaska. Please try and come on one of these dates and see a very special art installation take part in poetry and a Q&A with Fran Ulmer about global warming.  Sandy Hill conceived this art installation to bring community attention to global warming and especially how it affects Alaska.
  Bless her heart she had been collecting hundreds of newspaper articles about climate change; scientific articles, political articles, actions to take, art and more. I was asked to create some artwork from these raw materials so I took the box home labeled Scientific Evidence, honestly I did not have any inspiration until last week then it came to me, this triptych is made from the newspaper articles and beeswax which the art is literally  melting. 

The science of global warming  and newspaper headlines does not offer much good news the scientific data is bleak and confusing.  I decided the best approach was to make an emotional appeal, temperatures are rising, weather is getting more unpredictable, sea levels are rising, out planet is getting hotter! 
First we need to stop being in denial and we need to stop now! Then we can address the issues we are at a Cross Road There is No Planet B!

 The Glaciers are Melting
 Tales of a Warmer Planet
 The Bad News! We're On Fire!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Angel and the Skull

The Angel and the Skull
Original Oil
Judy Vars
24 X 30

VANITAS painting which translated means vanity and reminds us that this earthly life is temporal but there is another aspect to our existence. This painting holds a psychological meaning, the flowers represent that life is short and transient, the angel gives us hope, the skull says we will all become dust one day and the three wise monkeys remind us to be of good mind, speech and action.