Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Willow Witch with Grandpa aka Zeus

The Willow Witch and Grandpa
16 x 20
Judy Vars

Rhonda also known as the Willow Witch is sitting pretty sipping absinthe with her familiar and faithful dog “Grandpa.”  The Willow Witch offers intuitive readings and will use her powers of perception and piercing eyes to council you and help guide you down a positive path.

From potent potions, herbs, incense, candles, crystals and oils, stop in and shop with Rhonda for all your witchy needs.

The Willow Witch also offers beautiful Tarot decks, jewelry, staffs, clothes, brooms, the original artwork of local artisans and other beautiful curiosities. For your prurient interests you will be more than satisfied - guaranteed.
62835 South Parks Hwy, Willow, Alaska
mile marker 85.5

8 x 10 Prints

$5.00 Each

Monday, May 05, 2014

Costa Rican Girl With Fruit Basket

Costa Rican Girl With Fruit Basket
20 X 20
Encaustic Beeswax
Judy Vars and Gabriela Catarinella

This painting is a result of a happy happenstance.  We went to the Talentum Art Gallery to meet my bohemian friend Martha Sanchez.  Outside the gallery we noticed chairs placed on the wall in a colorful cavorting way, then we go inside this place is twaneese, twaneese, too nice, too nice. Talentum is located in the historic French district of San Jose, in an old mansion.  Peter and I looked at all the great art upstairs and downstaris and then sat down for some coffee and pie. Gilda (pronounced Hilda) runs the show and makes pies out of tropical fruit we've never tasted anything so deliciouso.  Sebastian the Chef/Artist is divine.  Martha  shows her art here and introduced me to a brilliant woman Gabrela Catarinella, besides being an artist, speaks multiple languages, she is a microbiologist, and the director of this beautiful gallery and bistro.

When she found out I was an encaustic artist she became very interested and asked me to teach her the process. She had already purchased some wax sheets and turpentine, I sent her after a heat gun and some natural bristle brushes. She bought us a gourmet lunch and after closing all of us went to the kitchen downstairs. I demonstrated encaustic painting and Gabriela took over together we painted wax all over her beautiful landscape. We had a blast!

Afterword Gabriela offered to pay me, ridiculous! I said, so she gave me her oil painting of a child and told me to put encaustic wax on top of it.  Well I was so humbled and grateful to be allowed to paint on another’s painting, I hope she approves.  We did not have all the equipment that we needed but it was just enough to get the idea and get her hooked on encaustic painting.  This slide show is for Gabriela.


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Morning Birch Trees

Winter Morning Birch Trees
Judy Vars
Original Oil and Cold Wax Painting
60 x 54

As a long time Alaskan, I've noticed that were all obsessed with the sun and with most in the winter there is not enough sunshine to keep my mood up and in the summer there is too much sun, it shines way, way, way  past sleeptime keeping me awake and hyper all night long. Today in January the days have started to get a little longer currently the hours of daylight are a full seven hours and 30 minutes.

This time of year the slanted angle of the sun and the far Northern latitude make for the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets that I have ever witnessed. Sometimes the light is pure lavender in the sky and on the mountains, sometimes the sky in powder blue, sometimes it’s lit up like a campfire, and sometimes it’s every shade of pink God makes. Since I’ve lived here I have seen sundogs, ice halos around the sun and the moon, phantom lights that I can’t explain and northern lights. One thing for sure it’s never ho-hum .

As an artist and nature lover, I have contemplated the sunlight and the atmosphere for decades, and as an artist I have the hubris to attempt to duplicate what I see in nature through my art.

Winter Sunrise and Birch Trees has been a labor of love. At the beginning I applied the Fibonacci sequence and the golden mean to make a pleasing composition (this left brained activity made my head hurt) This painting was developed in stages some areas have up to 10 layers of paint. To pump up the paint and give the birch trees added texture and dimension I used cold wax medium, the effect is one of hyper reality. The kind of experience we Alaskans wish the rest of the world could experience. 

Treat yourself to some serenity take this morning sunrise birch tree painting home today.