Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The January moon is called wolf moon, quiet moon, snow moon, chaste moon

The moon is always with us as constant as the sun. She sits up there impassively watching us. In a part of my life past, I lived in Virginia City, Nevada. I dabbled in moon magic my boyfriend Tom asked me if the moon was masculine or feminine. I replied feminine and he said why? I said because it's a reflective light. He said you're so smart.

I have lain on the shores of Pyramid Lake when the moon is full and watched the tides swell. It felt primal to be alone and experience the powerful force of gravity. But still she is apart from us so far away so mysterious.

I know the moon is craters, rocks and canyons so I ask myself why the moon looks like a face. Like a giant work of art that you stand far away to see.

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patti said...

Judy; wow, the last several pictures have been incredible. What kind of a camera are you using to take them? I assume they are digital? I love your moon phases too on the blog. WHere did you get that? ;) patti o