Friday, March 16, 2007


After a busy week I’m back home and back to blogging. My computer is up and running with extra memory. I spent 2 days in Girdwood at the GCVA Gallery and stayed at Mary Mc Coy’s house. She is such a generous and sweet person to everyone, I just love her. I got to see Nikki Navarette before she moves to Roswell, New Mexico. She is showing her art at Mamacita’s in Girdwood. I have collected her handmade books, cards and I am going to buy an original piece. Her art is sublime, complicated and spiritual all at once. I will always have a part of her. Coincidently Nikki AND I went to the same High School, Amador in Pleasanton, California. I went there 30 years before her.

Mary invited me to the
  • Alaska Watercolor Society
  • annual dinner/art scolarship fundraiser at O Malleys on the Green. Blaine’s Art store was there with factory reps to sell their products. So there were give aways, raffles and free stuff. I love free stuff.

    A fellow artist and someone with whom I’ve taken two encaustic workshops with
  • Sheary Clough-Suiter
  • arrived fashionably late. She looked terrific, great attitude, cute hair cut, fit and trim figure and fun funky clothes. Well I'm human and I felt a small amount of envy or a better choice of words I felt inspired. So I told her so, I said I visit your web-site often and I am impressed with the layout and how she keeps it current and praised her for how hard she has been working hard and making it as a working artist. Love the encaustic work! She said thank you and she loves my art too! Something like a switch went off inside of me. All my life I have been on a rollercoaster ride with my weight issues. When I’m fat it’s hard to get over my feelings of defeat and self flagellation long enough to just-do-it and it’s all tied up with addiction and esteem issues. It’s very hard to just to turn it around and start a program. The circumstances have to be just right, all the planets have to line up, and something has to shift.
    I got up yesterday and started keeping a food log and began doing deep knee bends.
    YAY I'm going for it!
    Thank you in advance for my new body and improved attitude.
    Love Always

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