Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Good Reason Not to Live in Alaska

Ok so yesterday after a stressful week and a crappy day,I was sure that I was going to have a migraine and all I wanted was a hot bubble bath. I bought myself a magazine and some bath salts on the way home and was planning to take a long stress relieving soak in my big tubby with the jets, candles and the heat turned up to mother OH YA. Well when I walk into the kitchen my husband is sitting there with a mad expression on his face saying "honey we got a real problem, we've got no water." I think to myself what kind of Cruel Karma has beset me.

So here's the story. Peter and our neighbor Jim went to the well head and down to the basement checking out the compassitor, jimmy jongas, and flux compassators. After much debate they determined that the pump itself must be the problem it is probably 30 years old. So we call GIELAROWSKI Pump and Well service. Now since our area is on methane gas beds and most of the water around here contains methane gas. No I am not kidding our well goes down 225 feet. So Bobbie the woman owner of this outfit lifts out all the pipe until we reach the pump and replace it. Eureka! water! NOT! After further checking a little switch whatsamagig is broken and the pump is not getting enough volts to run the pump. Ok, WE DIDN'T NEED A NEW PUMP she is sorry, after all Bobbie was going on the information the two geniuses Peter and Jim gave her. Now there is a new pump in the well and about six hours labor. One thousand bucks later the water is coming out of the tap brown and full of silt. Now to make it clear we have never drank this water but what is this evil gelatinous substance that was on the deeper pipes? OMG I don't even want a bath anymore. WTF

Later I went dirty to the Loon Attic's bird show and juried exhibition fundraiser for the injured birds. Took some pictures of the crow with a broken wing chatted a little bit and then went to Sandra Fongemes exhibit at Fireflower Gallery what a lovely gracious woman her art looks just like Gauguin simply georgeous.
I'll post some pretty pictures later it's 12:22 and I've been up since 3:30 I will take a shower and get some z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z zs
GOOD NIGHT! update the pump was boken!!!!

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