Thursday, May 03, 2007

Life Keeps on Life-ing quote: by Judy Vars

My Happy Place encaustic painting by Judy Vars

Yes I finally finished it and framed it. I think it looks terrific. Don't you think?
Once when I was in a group of people I said "life just keeps on life-ing" and everyone said; where did you get that? and I said I just made it up.

This morning when I was having my first cuppa coffee a big female eagle flew past, the pretty malard ducks were sitting in the water by the shore, the swans are hanging out next door, the muskrat is making his daily rounds, the squirrel is jumping from branch to branch and chattering loudly, the chickadees are pigging out on the seeds and a blue jay stopped by. My back yard by the lake is so incredible it's "My Happy Place."

Ten years ago I had a day dream of moving to Alaska living on a lake with the natural world all around me, a wonderful man to share it with, and time to follow my bliss. Some one said I quote: Most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a day but underestimate what the can accomplish in ten years. I just woke up one morning ten years later and realized that the dreams I dreamt ten years ago are here and now. I've been single minded with my goals in spite of my tendencies to give myself an ass kikkin every other day. I've manage to keep a fairly positive attitude and keep focused on my goals. Still I am not 100% percent satisfied. I suspect I am not unique, I still have more places to see, more paintings to create, more people to meet and more love to give. But this morning all was perfect in my little bit of paradise. Life just keeps on life-ing.

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