Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mona, Leonardo and the Cosmic Joke

For along time I have wanted to paint the famous Mona Lisa. So finally I screwed up my courage, took out my oils and channelled Leonardo. Now my masterpiece is finished and she's cross eyed. Friends and fellow artists say you can fix that. But I say no, I want to leave her eyes crossed. Why? people ask with genuine disdain. My answer is; one it's funny. It is believed it took Leonardo four years to paint the Mona Lisa it took me four days. Two, Mona is an icon in perfection I am not... Three, it makes me laugh at myself and reminds me not take me so seriously.
I tried my best to recreate Leonardo's priceless masterpiece but the Leo played a cosmic joke on me and now Mona Lisa is cross eyed..

Mona Lisa has for five centuries been admired and adored so I can add myself to the list of people infatuated with Mona.
For some irreverent fun try The Interactive Mona Lisa. and for more funny stuff check out Mona.

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