Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stop the Insanity or Shut the F$#K Up

As i sit here wasting time on my computer eating ice cream and smoking cigarettes. Oh how I hate cigarettes and ice cream and all the things that I am addicted to.
I find my old friend Suzan Powter. Remember STOP THE INSANITY she's baaaack. I even signed up to get the updates on her new site, fabulous. Check her out. She is so cool and smart. I wonder if she really did weigh 260 pounds in Garland, Texas. How old is she anyway if shes 56 I'll shoot myself. The other day I read the Enquirer (another one of my vices)they had a spread of movie stars in their swim suits some were flabby and had cheezy butts and some were in great shape like Sharon Stone she is 53. Shit I'd love to have her body. Well the only answer to that is get hell off my ass and exercize or just shut the frick up. I know I am hard on myself but my mothers voice still rages inside of me. Someones got to tell me like it is. STOP THE INSANITY

"Rage is not a stage. It is transformative focusing Force that awakens transcendent E-motion. It is my broom, my Fire-breathing, winged mare. It is my spiraling staircase, leading me where I can find my own Kind, unbind my mind."

Mary Daly

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