Sunday, July 01, 2007

The High Priestess,Sacred Mother,Goddess,Crone and Friends

When my dear friend Michelle called tonight from Hurricane, Utah we talked for at least an hour, my friend is a beautiful spirit, with so much goodness and light and I miss the warmth of her hearth more than I can say. I met her in church. I'm what they call a C & E member (Christmas and Easter) otherwise I tend to leave religion alone preferring to muddle along in my own way. But because I was in need of friends in Alaska I went to sacarament that Easter Sunday angling for an invitation to Easter dinner at someones house. Michelle sat next to me sharing my hymn book and singing like an angel, she invited us to dinner. Michelle and I grew up in the same culture with the same teachings and because we are both a little "different" and look at the world and our religion with a unique perspective. We became immediate friends just as if we knew each other in our pre-existance. We would sit on the grass read poetry together, talk about our lives, share our secrets and solve the mysteries of life. We were both fond of the writings of Carol Lynn Pearson.

Years before we met I took myself and my daughter so see a one woman show "Mother Wove the Morning" this was more than a play it was a sacred event about 16 women in history searching for the female face of God. This mind blowing play was written and performed by one woman Carol Lynn Pearson. She so impressed me being at least 6 feet tall is a very formidable woman who also grew up in the Mormon Church. The Church which abounds with subliminal messages that it's a mans world. Here is a woman who stands up and proclaims the High Priestess, the Sacred Mother, the Goddess, and the Crone. She speaks to the spirits of women and reminds us how powerful we are.

Dear God,
I would not turn
From the test of fire.
No flame burns
So hot that
I would leave Thee.

But often,
At weary bedtime
I cannot hold
My knees to the floor
So Cold,
So very cold.

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