Thursday, July 19, 2007

Honey Comb, Bees, Wildflowers and Wax

I have a friend Jeannie whose opinion I trust so I showed her my piece from yesterday, "Home Sweet Home" and she didn't like it, she said whats that? Why don't you stick to your style? Well I just thought it was nice folk art, cute and kitchey. Well none the less I reworked the piece. I picked windflowers from her garden and fast dried them in the microwave between paper towels. This is an experiment the flowers may not be dry enough so the art may deteriorate in a short time. At least it's all organic. What is your opinion? Was yesterdays piece shit or should I have stayed with the first piece? I liked them both.
The whole thing started because I want to make a sign for my self that says.

This is Jeanies gazebo. She is such a nice relaxing person. I went by today just to drop off some directions. When I left I did not believe the time and had to check three clocks to convince myself that it really was 2:00. I felt like I had only been there a short time but was there well over two hours. I felt so relaxed and at ease there that I truly lost all track of time. Problem was I had somewhere else to be at 12:00. Oh well life is short stop and smell the flowers.

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P.A. GIbbons said...

The second piece is comepletely different than the first! I thought the first was sweet....I think the second needs more work. Have you ever tried xerox transfers and encaustic by the way? it is way cool. I could see xerox transfers of bugs in the second piece. Just a thought.
And yes, I am currently selling on ebay, but not much moves. I have a bunch on etsy...a few things move on both, but nothing to support me, LOL. xxpatti