Friday, August 31, 2007

I've Been Teaching Art

Shorty the Lion
Max Barker (my grandson)

All week long I've been substitute teaching in a junior high art class and I also taught reading. What an experience those kids are at that right in between age. They are seeing how much they can get away with, the little darlings "NOT".
Now that's one job that not everyone is willing to do teach. Bless our teachers hearts. The students say "can I go to the bathroom",touch, grab, play, make wisecracks, whine, bribe, fib,ask questions and more questions. YIKES!
How can you teach anything to that bunch? I gave a lesson in the basics, line, form, shape, texture, color and we did a fun abstract picture using these elements. They were challenging and talented and I made it through.
When the week was over one of the teachers said "you did wonderful job." I said "Wow, really?? Thanks."

This was posted in the hall: ART the first language of a child is drawing. art is a universal and basic language the inclination to express oneself visually begins early. Its subsequent development is fundamental for every person and essential for our society. This the the job for our art educators. Help preserve the first language of youth promote and support art education in American Schools.

Purple Guy
Jackson Barker (my grandson)

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