Monday, October 15, 2007

Rhaya's Witch and a Flying Ointment Recipe

The little witch is making her annual flying ointment recipe before the other witches arrive on All Hallows Eve. All the witches from far and wide want to know what is the secret ingredient that makes Rhayas flying potent the best. It's a secret.
3 grams annamthol
30 grams betel
50 grams extract of opium
5 grams cinquefoil
15 grams henbane
15 grams belladonna
15 grams hemlock
250 grams Cannabis Indica
5 grams canthreindin
blend with your choice vaseline, safflower oil or butter.

Caution!!!! Don't try this recipe at home.

#1 Jong, Erica "Witches" page number 154, 1981, New York and Scarborough, Ontario

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