Monday, December 31, 2007

Some Say Its Darkest Just Before Dawn

TITLE: Dawn on the Sleeping Lady
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil and Silver Leaf
DIMENSIONS: H. 11" X W. 14"
PRICE: 192.00
CREATED: The last day of 2007

The story of Sleeping Lady has traveled by word of mouth throughout the region since at least the 1930's. The source of the original story is unknown perhaps Athabaskan legend. Here is a very short telling.
Many years ago when woolly mammoths roamed the land there lived a race of peaceful giants.
Two were planning to be married the maiden Susitna and Nekalta. As they were making wedding plans a stranger burst into the village warning them of a warring tribe coming their way. A tribal council was held and it was decided not to fight instead to bring them gifts and offer friendship. Soon they left on their mission. The maiden Sisitna stayed behind busying herself with her wedding plans she eventually grew weary and laid down for a nap. Tragically the plan did not work and every one was killed.
No one had the heart to awaken Susitna so she still sleeps awaiting the return of her betrothed and news of peace.
In my version of the Sleeping Lady I have captured the sliver of time just before dawn when the sky is still dark and the stars are still visible, there is a stark silvery glow on the horizon promising a bright new day, the clouds hang thickly in the sky like a wooly down comforter still wrapping Susitna in warmth while she dreams of Nekaltas return.
The technical aspects of this type of sunrise is called the twilight and antitwilight wedge also called the "belt of venus."If the sun is below the horizon, the band will appear a corresponding distance above the horizon with the darker sky below it, which is the earths shadow. The lack of color is partly due to the clean air and partly due to the suns elevation.
May 2008 bring us closer to our hearts desires Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards all Mankind. May we all do our part to be the peacemakers and have faith in a bright new day.
Blessings of Love and Peace

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'm Mortified and Sitting in an Avalanche of Papers

Just before Christmas a lady who bought my Three Muses painting at the Girdwood Forest Fair called me out of the blue, said she loves the painting but it STINKS! I think OMG!!! So I just sit there a minute silent trying to understand, she said it started to get an odor. I ask what does it smell like? And she says funky yet pungent. I was flummoxed not knowing what to say about this odd occurrence. I suggested she put it in a bag and set it outside. What else could I say?

I have no idea why one on my encaustic paintings would develop a smell????
I will do a little research online and ask the R&F paints forum.
I found 4 ready made box frames made from wood at the Salvation Army and used them to create four really nice peices. Often I use found objects in my artwork, It’s my way of recycling. I love that type of folk art it's my thing. Perhaps the wood was treated or the glue that was used? The picture of the three muses from Botticelli's painting was taken out of a book, perhaps the ink? I just don't know? #&*#+ Oh my.
Does someone out there have some idea why that sort of thing might happen?
Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever even heard of such a thing?
This is a most ignominious situation. The words your art stinks keeps ringing in my ears……….. at least she didn't say it smells like butt.

I must replace the painting as soon as possible after the New Year. YIKES and
My office and studio is a complete disaster. The way I get organized is I tear everything apart and put it back neatly. Won’t someone help me pleeeze.
Thank you
p.s. I got a new large heavy duty easel delivered to my house today from an anonymous gift giver.
Thank you and I love you to.

Monday, December 24, 2007

For Christmas Eve a Faux Fireplace

Look I got what I wanted this year this special faux fireplace/heater make from oak with a remote starter. Isn't it just sooo cute and quaint, I put it in our bedroom. After ferrying my family to the airport for the last two days and 350 miles later. Hubby and I are alone cozy and in the Christmas mood.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Cocktail Parties and Christmas Libations

Last night hubby and I went to a real top drawer cocktail party at the 15th floor of the Hilton Hotel in beautiful downtown Anchorage. They served prime rib and had an open bar which is always interesting because neither one of us drink. And yes, that is a whole other story that belongs in another forum, know what I mean? It was a company party for Alaska Serigraphics a super cool group of creative, young fun people. It's always fun to watch people as they relax and get loose after a few drinks. I‘ve heard there is a pill for social anxiety disorder but liquor is quicker. Why am I saying all this?

Well Douglas Francois Girard (the man whose art Palmer Museum choose over mine) is their graphic designer. So hubby introduces me to him and quickly walks away. Douglas is a real cute guy with allot of discheevled charm and he had this aloof artists air about him.

So I went ga ga all over him literally gushing as I told him how talented he is and how wonderful I thought his art was. I'm sure he was flattered if not a little embarrassed for me. I have no excuse for leaving my senses behind except he spoke with an accent.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oh, my, god. Becky, look at her boobs.

Large breasts are like pets. Everyone likes them, but you're the only one who has to take care of them.SARK
Ok, yes, this photograph is over 20 years old and I only weighed about 120 pounds but look at my titts. I inherited them from my moms side of the family and like all blessings; I always thought my breasts were a curse. Why did they have to be so freekishly large? Just think of all the pet names we have for our mammarys: honkers, hooters, bazooms, headlights, boobs, knockers, the pointer sisters, jugs, melons, racks and funbags. I've literally heard them all. Men can are so fun and easy to manipulate with just a little cleavage. I never danced topless but with these babies I'd have made a fortune.

My little sister had the funny luck of having two different sizes, she said for variety. Last week she found a lump on her right breast. The doc says a biposy is not indicated at this time, but she must do a self breast exam religously every week.
So here is a reminder to all women short or tall big or small. Take care of your assets, do a self breast exam more often.
Much Love


Monday, December 17, 2007

My Silly Son Nurdley

This is my boy Porter being a clown. My son is a sweet and wonderful guy.
I heart you MoM

Sunday, December 16, 2007

How many shades of pink did God create?

This is the view from my deck at 3:30 pm today. The Alaskan sky in the winter-time is more beautiful than you could imagine the relatively pollution free air and far North make it rarefied light. Today the baby boy blue sky was so velvety and soft and cold so very cold. The daylight today is only 5 hours. The sunrise takes it's time as it makes a fast, low arc over the horizon and then sets. The sunrises and sunsets are glorious, God painted the sunset tonight in the softest pastels of luxurious pinks, lavenders and golds. I saw all the colors of pink tonight and as the grand finale the sky was highlighted with fuchsia. Now it's time to sleep the long winter night is upon me.

I have an inspiration for a painting a winter sunset over Sleeping Lady the sunset and the quarter moon in winter, Sleeping Lady all lit from behind with alpen glow. Perhaps a dog team in the distance I can take artistic license can't I? I borrowed this image of Sleeping Lady from

Friday, December 14, 2007

Burrr Frickin Burr or I've been Scrooged

Tis the season to be jolly fa frickin la de da da da......Why am I so damn bitchey? Because Christmas time is stupid......In other words go Scrooge yourself :( I did check it out!

I called my blog Cabin Fever in Alaska meant to be tongue and cheek but now in the deepest part of winter it's not so funny. Sunrise is 10:10 and sunset is 3:35 pm. This picture was taken today from my backyard at 3:30 p.m. the temperature is a cool crisp 5.8 degrees. I’ve got get rid of these winter blues soon because it feels bad very bad.
When I moved to Alaska I thought cabin fever was a story that old sourdoughs told to Chi-cha-cos (a native word for naïve white people new to Alaska) well I found out that it’s a very real malady called S.A.D. seasonal affect disorder. I found the very best preventive medicine is good sweaty exercise and wholesome foods. Since my exercise and eating regime is in the toilet and I opted not to take antidepressants this winter (big mistake)it’s catching up to me. This is my plan on the Winter Solstice, Friday, December 21st, I plan to get sick... this way I will spend the entire winters day in bed with the electric blanket turned up to mother. I will surround myself with my books, journals and chocolate truffles. This will mark the turning of the season and the turning of my dark mood to a lighter brighter mood like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

I feel like Debbie Downer and I’m sorry,this is part of the reason I have not been blogging much lately. You know the old saying; if you don’t have anything good to say then just shut-up!

It was always said of Scrooge, that he knew how to keep Christmas well. May that be truly said of us, and all of us! And so, as Tiny Tim would say, God bless us, every one!
Judy Blue

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Moon and Winter Trees whine and cheese

TITLE:The Raven in the Moon
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil/Acrylic
DIMENSIONS: H. 16" x W. 20"
PRICE: 225.00

TITLE: Blue Moon and Winter Trees
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil/Acrylic
DIMENSIONS: H. 24" X W. 12"
PRICE: 199.00

These are for the Winter Art Show at the Underground and with the
Valley Arts Alliance Josh and Brioney Fryfogle of The Underground and Make a Scene Mag. BLOGGER won't let me link WHATS WRONG I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR DAYS!!!(frustration)When I mention people or organizations I try to link to their web site or blog if they have one. I feel it is the polite thing to do so I'm not being rude it's a glitch. The side bar works however for my blog friends, organizations and other stuff check them out. its an ecclectic mix of people and art and organizations.

I painted like a fiend this week to finish these for today but because of a flood the hanging time is postponed until Friday. Good the paint is still wet anyway! So much to do and so little time, must get organized.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

No topic tonight just life as it is......

Wanda called on Thursday we had a wonderful upbeat conversation about everyone in the family, we laughed about the Christmas card a Mormon Church lady sent to the ward, Santa has a replacement for coal in the socks this year, and he is farting in each Christmas sock for the bad girls and boys. I said she is telling everyone to lighten up! She told stories on my daughter, when she asked Charmaine why she was getting divorced she said two reasons; he doesn’t want kids and to get a good piece of ass. We laughed and she said; "she is a very sexy girl." She promised to send me a box of photographs that were my dads and I told her I would cherish them, she told me she loves me I told her I love her also, words we seldom told each other but knew anyway.

Patty (sister) called me on Friday bearing bad news, Wanda had collapsed on the floor that night and her care giver did not find her until the next morning she was taken to the nearby hospital and then life-flighted to the University of Utah Medical Center. It turns out she has cancer and has known about it for sometime. Doug, (brother) who is clinically brean dead wasting away in a coma had a surgery to remove an abscess on his bottom now he has no butt. How terrible is that!
I've got cards to make and send, letters to write, phone calls to make, people to see, parties to attend and I have got to tell my family and friends how much I love them!

This life is just so damn short anyway and like Scar said in The Lion King "lifes not fair."

Is peace with you in this Christmas time of year?

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Mat- Su Glacier

TITLE: Mat-Su Glacier
ARTIST: Mazola
MEDIUM: Water Color and Pen and Ink
DIMENSIONS: h. 24" x 30"
This is a painting of a glacier ride hubby planed for my birthday a couple of years ago. He painted this to give to the pilot who gave us the ride of a lifetime, I even flew the plane for about 15 seconds, thrilling!
My husband is a great artist, he supports me and my efforts to become an artist sell my work. For his art he asks for no recognition what-so-ever and even uses the pen name Mazola for his creations. He creates slowly and deliberately, seldom sells his art and mostly gives it all away. We found each other as kindred spirits who love art and the act of creating. He, unlike me keeps things in perspective. I need him to tell me where my art needs technical improvements because of him I improve my craft daily. Thank you sweetheart for the love and encouragement you give me. Thanks for being emotionally there for me and caring enough for me to let me shine. I love you!
p.s. The Palmer Museum picked the romantic landscape to buy. Geri said it was between the two and the judges were torn. I cried for a moment being second place in this situation is no consolation.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The North Wind Doth Blow...

...and we shall have snow,And what will poor robin do then, poor thing?He'll sit in a barn and keep himself warm and hide his head under his wing, poor thing.
It's been a cold cold blustery 3 days the wind is whipping around with gusts of 90 miles per hour the wind chill is soooooo cold so very cold, power outages and trees falling on homes, but weirdly no snow for Christmas yet.
Life keeps on lifeing, there are my responsibilities, there is school, work, shopping, cooking and I haven't even started the Christmas preperations. In this blustery, cold winter day, I wish I could get one of my sick headaches just as an excuse to get under the covers and drink some Theraflu nighttime strength and read my book. But instead I'll bake some banana bread.

Good News! the Palmer Museum of History and art accepted my painting of "Raven and Salmon" as one of the five finalists. Geri the curator told me that their pick will go to the Foundation final approval. They will display the art in their collection for a time. wow

When I found out Monday they wanted to see my peice I enhanced the salmon and made him even more beautiful. That is the beauty of encaustic wax you can paint or change it anytime. Geri said that the photograph does not depict how striking the piece is. I gave the excuse: how hard it is to photograph encaustic artwork and how hard it is to capture the three-dimensionality of the work and the depth and luminosity etc. Sell it baby. I hope that they choose my piece but I have learned in the past not to get to emotionally invested in the outcome and to try and not let it affect my mood or how I feel about myself as a human being. Like the program says; Just Let it Go or more accurately "let go and let God." Still I am optimistic, there is one thing I can say is mine is the most contemporary.

Close up of salmon

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Night Dreams an Alaskan painting with a nude girl

It's been awhile since I've blogged and I'm feeling guilty. Guilt sucks. I cannot dissapoint my many, many readers. I linked my blog to
Stat Counter .
I get an average of 10 people a day (with those numbers I remain mostly anynmous). Still I feel a cyber-kinship with the connections that I've make in this bloggershpere. The things people search for are fascinating, like Diary of a Bad Housewife this was one of my funnier blogs or a favorite “nude Alaska women" so not to disappoint my many blog voyeurs here is a picture of a nude girl painted in Alaska:

TITLE: Night Dreams
Artist: Judy Vars
DIMENSIONS: H 20" X W. 20" X Deep 2"

Or for you more purient interest a closer view of the girl.

People Google for remote cabin in Alaska, or Cabin Fever, or Alaska Encaustic Artists, or Witches Flying Ointment recipies, Eskimo Legends, the names of anyone that I've ever mentioned (nice or nasty). HEY! I love a good rumor as well as the next person and I love observing human nature.

If you haven't got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me. ~Alice Roosevelt Longworth