Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blue Moon and Winter Trees whine and cheese

TITLE:The Raven in the Moon
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil/Acrylic
DIMENSIONS: H. 16" x W. 20"
PRICE: 225.00

TITLE: Blue Moon and Winter Trees
ARTIST: Judy Vars
MEDIUM: Oil/Acrylic
DIMENSIONS: H. 24" X W. 12"
PRICE: 199.00

These are for the Winter Art Show at the Underground and with the
Valley Arts Alliance Josh and Brioney Fryfogle of The Underground and Make a Scene Mag. BLOGGER won't let me link WHATS WRONG I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR DAYS!!!(frustration)When I mention people or organizations I try to link to their web site or blog if they have one. I feel it is the polite thing to do so I'm not being rude it's a glitch. The side bar works however for my blog friends, organizations and other stuff check them out. its an ecclectic mix of people and art and organizations.

I painted like a fiend this week to finish these for today but because of a flood the hanging time is postponed until Friday. Good the paint is still wet anyway! So much to do and so little time, must get organized.


annie kelleher said...

absolutely gorgeous!!! im thinking the screen doesnt do the colors justice!!!!!

P.A. GIbbons said...

they are lovely paintings! Do you use cobalt medium to help them dry faster? I don't work much in oils, and need to.....I just get lazy and use acrylics..which are so different.

Judy Vars said...

funny you should ask...I masked in the trees with black acrylic and then painted the background with oil ultramarine blue to make it dry faster I used the heater...when it was time to do the trees I noticed that I had used all my titanium white in the encaustic painting so I sent hubby to Anchorage to buy more. He came back with a nice tube of white which I started to paint the snow in the raven painting, i noticed that the paint was acting funny, then I noticed he bought me acrylic paint! Since the blue was dry I said hummmmmm looks interesting and in the interest of time I painted the trees with acrylic paint on the other one the same way. shhh don't tell anyone...