Sunday, December 16, 2007

How many shades of pink did God create?

This is the view from my deck at 3:30 pm today. The Alaskan sky in the winter-time is more beautiful than you could imagine the relatively pollution free air and far North make it rarefied light. Today the baby boy blue sky was so velvety and soft and cold so very cold. The daylight today is only 5 hours. The sunrise takes it's time as it makes a fast, low arc over the horizon and then sets. The sunrises and sunsets are glorious, God painted the sunset tonight in the softest pastels of luxurious pinks, lavenders and golds. I saw all the colors of pink tonight and as the grand finale the sky was highlighted with fuchsia. Now it's time to sleep the long winter night is upon me.

I have an inspiration for a painting a winter sunset over Sleeping Lady the sunset and the quarter moon in winter, Sleeping Lady all lit from behind with alpen glow. Perhaps a dog team in the distance I can take artistic license can't I? I borrowed this image of Sleeping Lady from

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annie kelleher said...

wow.. that is absolutely gorgeous....