Thursday, January 07, 2010

Next Step for the Raven Sisters and Charmaine

The under painting is glaze of ultramarine blue thinned with turpentine. The values are decided one Raven is lighter perhaps a pink and lavender sunrise and the other is darker more introspective with the magical Northern Lights in the sky. I like the beginnings they both have good bones.

So I go on Facebook and look at my daughter Charmaines photo, It's gorgeous people are always getting us confused. I say "love your photo but it's waaay tooo provocative and she says : "Mom don't be a hater" OK now thats funny I don't care who you are. Is that a way to say don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

The truth is I couldn't be prouder of my girl she is an inspiration, a few years ago as a young woman she had a cancer scare. She went through a hard time but never, never lost her optimism she remained strong for everyone else. Now shes back better than ever, I still see her as my little girl shouting at the top of her lungs "LIFE, I LOVE IT!"

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