Monday, November 04, 2013

The Desert Metaphor or The Tree of Utah and My Desert Metaphor

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Metaphor: The Tree of Utah, sometimes called the Tree of Life, is an 87-foot (27 m) sculpture that was created by the Swedish artist Karl Momen in the 1980s and dedicated in 1986. It is located in the desolate Great Salt Lake Desert of Utah on the north side of Interstate 80 about 25 miles east of Wendover. ]
Inscribed on the plaque are the words from Ode to Joy by Friedrich Schiller;
Be embraced, Millions!
This kiss for all the world!
Brothers!, above the starry canopy
A loving father must dwell.
Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!,
Daughter of Elysium,
Joy, beautiful spark of Gods!
 My Desert Metaphor
The desert has it's very own mystery and beauty especially at night. My home range is the flat lands of the Great Salt Lake.
In my childhood, I remember my family driving from Salt Lake City to my Grandma Schauers house in  Dublin, California.  Late - late into the night my mother and I go speeding down the straight lonely Interstate 80 our family's ostentatious pink and black Buick.
In the blue velvet sky is the meteor shower of the century occurring right then and there. 
Mom turns off the headlights and we drive for awhile through the blackness by luck and instincts.
Neither of us had never beheld a shower of falling meteors before and probably never witness this phenomenon again in my lifetime.   

What is that old saying? is it: When a star falls an angel loses it's wings? or when you wish upon a falling star your wish will come true?  A shooting star tonight will bring you good luck tomorrow? Mom and I discuss these metaphors, we talk of the wonders of God's universe sharing our heart of hearts.
For a moment in infinity speeding down the lonely desert highway, Mom and I are in complete accord.

The Desert Metaphor
Encaustic Painting
Judy Vars